advil and antibiotics

advil and antibiotics

There, they Can i take advil while on antibiotics did a urine sample and did an ultrasound and gave me 10 days of Cipro to treat my epididymitis they believed I had.
Went to urgent care and they changed the antibiotic to Avelox and also gave me steroids. I was reading about Avelox and it mentioned serious heart rhythm side e...
Best Answer: Massive headache should be checked! Is this a chronic problem? Or you had it after you take these meds? You must give us more info right here!
I'm dealing with some major sinus pain/pressure. It started yesterday with a bit of a sore throat, which I nursed with constant hot tea. By evening my throat felt...
I want to take advil because I have headache. It’s nothing unusual. I have headaches very often and advil always helps me. But now I’m taking antibiotics.

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Clarithromycin is antibiotic medication used to treat infections, as such it would not help with pain. Try taking advil, tylenol and similar over the counter pai...
Best Answer: antibiotics are given to kill bacteria advil is a painkiller and (to some extent) a muscle relaxant. They work on different things, so no.
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  • Eating advil and antibiotics at the same time? Antibiotics.

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    I'm taking an antibitioc with Advil and zyrtec. Is this OK? Also. Ibuprofen with Antibiotics Advil cold and sinus: 168 Answers - Usermeds - Health information. Viewer Comments and Reviews: Strep Throat - Treatment - Patients. Is Advil an antibiotic - The Q&A wiki Taking Tylenol with BactrimCan i take Amoxicillin while taking advil cold and sinus? - Yahoo. woman help: I am a woman of 34 old i have problem with my lower. Bactrim and Ibuprofen Cephalexin with Ibuprofen .
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